As the year starts to wrap up, we have addressed finishing strong - and the actions associated with that – so that we can carry this perspective into the end of the year.

Progressing further into the final quarter, and in preparation for setting goals in December, we want to take a hard look at the year – what worked and what didn’t work – so that we can effectively and objectively evaluate actions that did, or did not, produce results.

Objectively evaluating performance can be tough – we want to defend, excuse, and explain unrealized achievement. It’s natural. Given that, it might be helpful to bring an unbiased buddy in to look at your numbers, actions, and structures for fulfilment and offer a second opinion. Just consider it as one of your evaluation actions.

If not, bring empathy and inquisitiveness to your own performance evaluation. Look for what might be missing rather than what is right or wrong. Start using effective or ineffective as words to describe the outcome or the actions as that will help you to build the emotional objectivity that you need for evaluating your performance.

Now, go get your head in the evaluation game!




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