What exactly are goals?

Consider WHAT you WANT to create and achieve next year. What matters to you so much that you are going to “make it happen,” as my father used to say by setting a strategy. Those are your goals.

Goals should always be written as RESULTS. Articulation is important. I like the S-M-A-R-T process because it’s clear and simple.

               Specific                             Clear, not ambiguous or vague.
               Measurable                    It can be counted. Numbers or percentages. 
               Attainable                       It can be achieved in the time allowed.
               Relevant to YOU          It is something that you want and value.
               Time bound                    It has a deadline for achievement.

Examples: Write $375,000 in Q1 next year.
                     Increase sales revenue by 10% by December 31.

Whenever you find yourself using ‘more’ or ‘better’ or ‘at least’ while writing goals, you are not being specific enough–replace those words with a number or percentage.
Keep this REALLY simple.
And if you need help with these, please reach out.

Now, go get your goals written!



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