Get It in Writing

Have you finished writing your goals for the new year yet?

If this is your first-time setting goals and putting them on paper, then give yourself a break. Did you get started and distracted? Did you lose your way? Did you need help with articulation but didn’t ask for it? No worries, just sit down and finish it. Even if you only have a couple of things written down, it’s a start.

If you have written goals before and had good results and still haven’t finished, well…are your goals inspiring to you? Are you writing them out of someone else’s desire for you to write them or achieve them? Pick ONE thing that you want to shift or transform or eliminate and use that one. Add HOW you are going to do it and the ACTIONS (keep them few and simple) you will take.

That’s it. Getting started is putting in writing what’s needed to begin the movement for creation, action and achievement.

If you are still stuck, reach out to me.

Now, go put something on paper.




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