Love Your Teammates

Like customers, teammates come in all types…thoughtful, sincere, critical, happy, kind, crabby, name a few.

What forms a group of individuals into a team is a shared goal and a commitment to achieve that goal…by working individually and together.

YOU are part of your team. When you love your team, you will consider your contribution to your team.

Are you bringing a positive spirit to the workplace?

Are you willing to help and mentor new people?

Are you building your team leadership skills by being the example for others to follow?

Are you actively learning and practicing skill execution so that your team is known for being the best at what you do? 

Are you coachable?

Are you working with leadership and management to create the best customer experience?

Are you talking TO versus talking ABOUT teammates when issues arise?

Are you reliable in keeping your commitments to the company, the team, and your customers?

Love your teammates enough to bring your very best self to them and to your workplace. Be responsible for your thoughts, words, and deeds and how they impact the environment and the team.

Now, go play with your teammates!



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