Selling is...powerfully presenting

There is a misunderstanding that “Selling is telling” that has something to do with talking a buyer into something. We learned in the last step that asking questions to learn what we need to know takes practice and finesse. The same is true with presenting solutions.

Selling is powerfully presenting…including fielding objections.

You might see yourself as someone who likes to wing it and finds preparation boring and stuffy. You might think that spontaneity tops rehearsing…and in some instances it does.

When it comes to selling, the step of presenting is where the sale occurs. This is where the buyer says yes - to a compelling solution that aligns with their priorities and the problem they are looking to solve or the vision they are looking to realize. The point of a presentation is to get the sale.

What comes with this is the skill of anticipating customer concerns and resistance and managing it. That means managing your personal reaction to their resistance and managing the conversation to clear the way through it, so that they buyer is satisfied and can, well, buy now.

Now, go practice presenting solutions that get a yes!



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