Selling skill is measured by this…

Good salespeople consistently get the sale. Simple, isn’t it?

Close ratio is measured by the number of contacts met and presented to and the number of closes achieved. Close ratio is like a batting average and it measures effectiveness.

Getting it done and getting the sale.

To consistently "get it done" requires intending to get it done, knowing what you need to know and the questions needed to find out, presenting a solution that the buyer says "yes" to, managing any concerns that arise…and…asking for and getting the sale.

Getting it done is where the process gets pulled together, and when all of the actions executed effectively produce a sale. To do that means having closing questions to rely on, questions the seller is comfortable asking (which comes from practice!) and the buyer responds to positively.

Add to that, staying with the conversation until a sale occurs. That might mean going back a step to an unearthed objection that needs to be overturned, and the sale asked for again. And maybe again.

Now, go practice asking for the sale!



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