Selling also is…Uncomfortable

Sometimes I think my role is to help salespeople and sales managers to be more comfortable with being

Selling is uncomfortable because the seller is often in a position of asking questions of a buyer they
barely know, and those questions may seem personal, even though they’re necessary.

Selling is uncomfortable because the seller must ask questions that they might find hard to ask because
they think the questions are too pushy or invasive – falsely believing that if the buyer wanted to seller to
know they would offer that information rather than the seller having ask for it.

Selling is uncomfortable because it’s a profession that requires continuous improvement – to changing
habits and trends and marketplaces – and that leaves the seller with unsure footing sometimes. And that
uncertainty can be an advantage if it keeps the seller looking to learn and not to believe they already
know it all.

What is it like for you? What are the most uncomfortable parts of selling for you?

Now, go get comfortable with discomfort!



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