Selling also is…Strategic

I am an unabashed fan of checklists…of goals…of action plans. They don’t guarantee success, but they surely contribute to it.

Selling is strategic, and consistent selling success is helped by an organized and methodical approach and a willingness to evaluate activity to see what is missing or can be improved.

Practice helps.

It helps to practice elements that are challenging. Asking discovery questions that direct the conversation and gather pertinent information is a strategic engagement. The practice of handling objections is a counter-intuitive strategy that guides the interaction through the concerns to resolution – something that would never happen if left to the human reactions of the buyer and the seller.

Strategy offers an objective view of selling, giving the seller enough distance from the process to be able to evaluate it and choose the appropriate action or question.

Take a look at your strategy. Where are there some soft spots that need to be strengthened? Could your preparation and organization need some fine tuning? Maybe your persistence in following up?

Now, go take a good look at your strategy and tweak were needed.




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