Part 12 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

# 12 Up to 70% of product information is found online, not through sales reps

online product.pngSelf-discovered information is becoming the norm for product research and purchasing decisions. Your company needs to have targeted and relevant sales materials that are easy for customers to find.

Salespeople This is true for B2B sales and B2C. The prospect no longer relies heavily on the salesperson for information where there is much to be found online. And researching online is such an integral part of the buying process that it needs to be part of the Discovery Questions that the salesperson is asking their prospect: Where have you been looking? What have you found? What questions do you have? What do you like/not like about what you have learned? Rather than resist internet research, embrace it and ask more questions about it. What we resist, persists!

Sales Managers

Have your sales team research what their prospects are searching for so that they know what they are being told. Is the information accurate? Current? Complete? Does it skew toward a particular direction? Coach your team to include internet research in their Discovery Questions and ask about it in your one on one sessions. Roleplay this area with your people so that they are comfortable having this conversation with their prospects. Otherwise, their prospect knows more about the marketplace than they do…not a good place to sell from.



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