Virtual Selling

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For sales professionals, everywhere

Life as we know it is different now.

It’s different in that we are working from home (if we are fortunate enough to do that), we are getting more familiar with using technology for meetings and to stay in communication with clients, customers and loved ones.

It’s different in that we can look at our business and notice the soft spots and the holes that we have put aside while we focused on more urgent issues. We now have the time to address those and a new sense of urgency Virtual Selling.pngto expand our business model to allow for virtual business.

Are you ready for that?                                   

Have you retooled your sales approach to include initial meetings online? Or to have online meetings to see the space virtually without being onsite? Or have your clients see product in the showroom and have you describe it factually and subjectively to what they need?

How will you amend your Discovery Questions to make sure you are as efficient and thorough as possible?

How will you layout the sales process so that aligns with their buying process now that it may ALL be accomplished online?

How will you get the order and process it using technology?

How will you manage storage and delivery, if needed?

Lots to think about as we continue to do business and manage our way through this KNOWING that life will be different when we resume outside connections. This is good news. This might be the breath that you and your business need. Just breathe and put one foot in front of the other.

Call if you get scared and can’t wade through the fear and disruption. I’m here to help.

Now, go sell something.




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