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This really has been an amazing time. There are things we are aware of immediately: loneliness for our loved ones, the masks, and distancing, the anxiety of what to do and when to do it, plus, plus. We see them, we feel them, we hear them - we can’t miss them. It’s the construct in which we are living and the actions we are taking within that reality. 

And there are the things that aren’t scorchingly obvious: the reveals in our business and the model itself, the new ways we communicate that we never thought possible, new openings for business opportunities that we Facetime Design.pngdidn’t know we didn’t know. 

For those who are bemoaning where we are and waiting for things to get back to normal, please...that isn’t going to happen. We have the chance to identify what we can do next and how to best do that, with a small audience and practice field, so that when we come out of this (and we will!), we will be ahead of the curve and the wave of people who are still complaining about how it is and longing for how it used to be. 

So, get a brain trust going. Include people who do different things (and tech people) and ask how they are experiencing this ‘breather’ and the impact it’s had and will have on their life. ASK them how YOU should consider amending your business for the impending economy and business climate - where are the opportunities? Where are the changes and adjustments? Listen without ‘yes, but…'  Notice your resistance (I am saying so that I can hear it). Notice your attachment to how it used to be and the comfort of doing some things the same way repeatedly. Make a shortlist of what you can do now and then practice that to mastery so that you can be at the front of the new economy instead of behind it. 

Now, go sell something




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