"Use it up…..

For sales professionals, everywhere

…wear it out, make it do, or do without.”

That is a World War II era saying that described and directed behavior that those living through that time followed until they died.  

When you can’t easily run to the store because you have a craving for mint chocolate chip ice cream and your wear it out.jpgbetter half-finished the last of it yesterday, you do without or choose another way to satisfy your fancy. When you fall in love with those new AG jeans on Nordstrom Rack and have 10 pair sitting in your closet because you are living in yoga pants, you pass on the sale. When the cabinets have plenty, you figure out a creative way to use what you have. 

As tough as this time is for so many, especially those who are sick and whose family members have contracted the virus…and for those who are struggling economically, it's also a time to pause, and a time to breathe.

A time to wait before impulsively reacting to the temptation to eat,  go shopping, have another drink, and ask ourselves if we really need to do that.

A time to replace our knee-jerk reactions with more considered or different ones: Instead of a cookie, take the dog for a walk. Instead of complaining because the store didn’t have exactly the bathroom tissue you usually use, be grateful for the type they did have. 

My spending has dramatically reduced in the last six weeks, even though I spend more time online. I am grateful for my health, my friends and family staying safe and keeping in touch via technology.

I am fortunate to have a business that already used video conferencing and that it’s relevance and frequency has ramped up…since travel will still be curtailed for a while… and for clients who are working every day to be inventive to keep the doors open and serve their designers and customers.

I am encouraged by how this respite might positively impact our lives to be more thoughtful, frugal, connected, and compassionate.  I am hopeful that we make better decisions moving forward because we were challenged beyond our comfort to think differently and choose wisely.

I’d love to hear how you are growing through this time and the biggest surprise that you have experienced.

Drop me a line and then, go sell something.




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