A New Month

For retail sales professionals, everywhere 

For some of you, the month of May was the best month in the history of your company. There was pent up demand for product, often in-stock merchandise, and purchases were made online and in person. May didn’t make up for losses in April and March when the pandemic drove us all indoors and away from others, but it did help regain some ground. Congratulations to those of you who made the changes you needed to make to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves. 
For those of you who are still closed or open with limitations, consider what specific things you can do to drive more online or virtual sales. Are you using Podium or another lead generator via your website that can capture and SorryClosed.jpgcommunicate with prospects? Will you actually call them or just respond to the inquiry? I encourage the former if they leave a phone number…call them and ask more about their project, in addition to the product that caught their attention.
June will be a different month. For those who had a great May and didn’t leave many proposals or quotes unsold, you are starting again with the door and with calling after delivery and creating a virtual conversation to ’see’ their new furniture in their room.  Whether with new traffic to open a new sale or calling after delivery to complete and existing one, setting appointments to do both will forward the sale. 
If you need help with any of these actions, call me. 877-663-9663. 

Now, go sell something.
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