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High Point Market Seminar, Saturday, October 16 - 4:00 HFA Resource Center

In the last year, so many things have been amended or eliminated, morphed into something else, or revealed themselves as different from originally intended or understood. Those things have all happened to me, to my business, to my clients, and to my understanding and methods for teaching salespeople and sales managers.

This topic, Homework, is one of those newly realized nuggets in my “Sell it or Schedule it” sales process. And it is coupled with a deeper understanding of the importance of connection so that we can create a safe atmosphere to ask questions…and can use the customers’ answers to create and present a solution that they can say yes to.

I am speaking about this at HP Market. By then, it’s likely that another new point or perspective will have raised its head and given me (and by association, you) a new take on the second oldest profession. I hope to see you.

Now, go sell something.



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