To paraphrase Stephen R. Covey, what we are experiencing is demonstrated in our communications. Listen to what you are saying in describing your current state, your opinions, your you describe those things show you where you are operating from.

When you are present to being grateful, how do you express it? Do you thank others? Do you show how happy you are to see someone when they walk in the showroom door? Does your gratitude greet them before you say a word?

How do you express gratitude in the immediate? The new “I appreciate YOU” phrase has taken hold and it has a nice ring to it. 

When was the last time you sent a thank you note? Is it a common, consistent practice to ALL of your customers for purchases made? Do you call to thank them after they have taken delivery/installation…and thank them again? It’s not just about an action that completes the sale, but an opportunity to be present to being grateful for the business, and the opportunity to work with them, that drives the words.

Practice the act of saying “thank you” for small things. As Tim McGraw instructs, “Hold the door, say please, say thank you…” as it IS the small things that make a difference for each of us and for each connection and relationship. 
And it’s all small stuff in a good way. 

Communication skills are always in need of an upgrade. Always. Including ‘radical gratitude’ in our daily interactions and communications would be a great thing to play with for the rest of this year.

Just play with it. Experiment. Watch what happens.

Now, go thank someone for something that mattered to you. And if someone thanks you back, say “you are welcome” or “It was my pleasure." “No problem” dismisses their communication of gratitude. 

Thank you.




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