Prep for the Holidays

I am hopeful that your year has been strong and that your business has been consistently good each month.

And I am also hopeful that you prepared for HOW you would do business at the end of the year as the holidays approached.

One of the benefits of setting yearly goals (broken into quarters and months) is that you can anticipate and predict the cycles of traffic and buying highs and lows. You can manage how your business will be taken care of and your goals achieved during vacations and holidays (because NOT making goal is NEVER an option ☺). 

Since December is an unpredictable month to expect it to bring in your year, plan for that. Plan for the month to be spent completing the year, getting ready for the holidays, reviewing what you learned during the year, and beginning to set goals for the new year. 

If you really want to experiment and throw your hat over the wall, plan to make goal by the end of November…that way you will have Thanksgiving and the December holidays to enjoy time with your loved ones and to reflect on the changes to make for the New Year. You will be glad you did. 

Now, go close whatever business you can close!




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