New Actions in Action

Actions are the only things that produce results. New actions feel awkward at first and sometimes that awkwardness stops us from continuing them.  

When you know this might happen, then it’s not a surprise when it does. That’s why you want to keep actions to a very few and repeatable if possible. Feeling awkward lessens with practice. And how we know we are doing something new IS the awkwardness of it…so that is good news!

Have a reasonable expectation of what new actions will produce. Give yourself credit for taking a new action at all, and then sticking with it beyond the discomfort of the newness. Start to notice the results you are producing so that you can connect the dots between the new action and the results. By doing that you will keep taking the new action. 

It’s helpful to be an objective observer with the new action. Don’t expect perfection or 100% effectiveness. Expect to move the needle and see how far it moves. And then do it again and measure that result, too. If you have a process of review and examination, then this is actually a good time for failure to occur so that you can assess that, too…with objectivity. 

This process can be used for bringing any new action into practice and then habit, so whether your goals are personal or professional or both, your structure will support you in creating the future you desire. 

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Now, go take ONE new action.




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