Something Bigger 

Small changes are easier to make when there is a bigger outcome in mind… one that is sparkly and burning and so much better than the current reality. 

If the outcome isn’t big enough, the effort isn’t worth it, is it? Does losing 3 pounds really inspire as much as losing 10? Or WHAT will losing 10 pounds bring to your life (lower blood pressure, knees that are less cranky, pants that aren’t as tight...or the jeans that look fabulous at that magic number) that really matters to you?  The goal has to be big enough to be worth the changes that need to happen…and the discomfort of doing things differently.

AND the structure has to be big enough to support the outcome. It may be aligned with something already in existence or it may need to be created. 

My question to you is are your goals big enough to create new habits? 
And are your structures sufficient for the results you intend to achieve?

Now, go make some magic…and sell something.




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