Recognizing Resistance

Resistance is one of those things that is so easy to see in others but nearly impossible to see in ourselves. Some of that comes from the oft-believed notion that we are ‘open to new things’. How many people read Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson and saw themselves as Haw, the mouse who was willing to try a different way that would produce a better outcome?

Every day, EVERY day, I ‘invent the possibility’ of being willing and open. And I do that every day because it sets my thinking to be open to something new that will come under my nose or that I will bump up against… because I am alive. And I can be resistant. I can be an “I don’t wanna!!!” on two legs, if left to my own devices and considerations. That is my wiring. That is my cross to bear. ☺

And knowing this matters, because when I am resistant, I block anything that can come my way and I block others from what is available to them (by my energy and my actions). I have actions that align with being open and with being resistant and when those actions are running, I am either moving forward or backward.

And in both cases, I get to choose. Recognizing my resistance allows me to change my thinking and alter my actions. When I am ‘willing and open’ I can be Haw and create opportunities out of anything that comes my way.

So, what are you? And how do you know?
Now, go create something special.




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