Process for Selling Intangibles

Selling intangible outcomes like appointments is different from selling tangible outcomes, like sofas or chairs. Selling an intangible requires a process of introducing the concept when you first realize that it will be the intended outcome of the sales interaction. This is because it is CLEAR that the customer cannot buy today – based on the answers to your questions that were intended to determine that (not your assumptions).

At that point, introduce the concept: “Since we can only accomplish A and B today because of C, let’s do that…and we can schedule a time to meet or speak again before you leave. Let’s make this time together today matter.” Then drop it. The customer/client might have a reaction (“Oh, good idea!”) or not, but they heard you. Move on to do what is possible to do today.

We must ‘sell’ appointments. Offering or mentioning them is not the same as selling them. Offering two times/two days (Wednesday at 10 or Thursday at 11) is an ‘alternate close’… you are asking for a commitment. And since selling and securing appointments is a process, it’s helpful to practice the process with the intention of getting really, really good at making them and then measuring your progress.

Now, go introduce the IDEA of an appointment!




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