Objections to Appointments

When we are committed to the process and the outcomes of making appointments, we need to prepare for the objections that come with them…so that when they happen – and they will!.. we are ready with a response that will turn that objection around to make the appointment.

A few of the most common objections and responses are:

“I am busy and will just pop back in.”
“I can understand that…and what many of my clients/customers/designers have found is that by scheduling a time to meet again, you can manage your time efficiently and won’t have to wait for me if you just pop back in. Is morning or afternoon better for us to meet?”

“I don’t know my schedule.”
“That’s okay, I know mine. And since we are going to meet in person, let’s tentatively schedule a time now and I will call to confirm it…and if the date or time doesn’t work, we can change it. Is morning or afternoon better for you?”

“I’ll call you.”
“I’m sure you will…but in case you get busy and are unable to do that, what would you like me to do?” WAIT, be quiet, and open your calendar INTENDING to schedule an appointment.

You will reduce the objections you get by introducing the idea of an appointment when you realize that they cannot buy today. Don’t try to make an appointment because they had an objection when you tried to close the sale – it won’t work, because that isn’t the process that makes appointments happen. And it will occur as a desperate kind of close that is unlikely to produce any result.

Now, go manage someone else’s resistance!




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