Asking Confirming Questions

This step leads back to the first blog on this topic…assessing versus assuming.

Confirming questions solidify what was discussed and even decided, by asking a question that removed any doubt. As an example, a salesperson is working with a customer and asks them if there is anyone else who wants to participate in the project…as a way of identifying the decision-maker. The customer says, “I make the decisions about furniture.”

We all know that there are several elements to consider in making a buying decision – like aesthetics, timeframe, and financial considerations. A strong salesperson asks a confirming question: “So, all of the aspects of this project, such as timeframe, style, color, and price are between you and me, right?” And the response might be…“Well, I need to run this by my spouse once we have a decision.”

The confirming question is what made the difference - not just the initial decision-maker question. When a customer nods when you mention pricing, it means they heard you - not that they agreed with you. You need to ASK to confirm that the pricing works as discussed.

These questions will change your life and your results. Try them and tell me what happens.

Now, go sell something!




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