I have been bumping up against the word ‘enough’ for a while now so I figured that there was a message for me to pay attention to!
Whether it’s gratitude for having enough or acknowledgment for being enough, I thought it might be time to take a look at where else 'enough' matters.

This year I modified the objective of Step 2 of “Sell it or Schedule it” - the step of Connecting and Building Rapport. I adjusted the objective of this step to be "To help the customer to be comfortable enough for you to begin asking questions in Step 3: Asking Discovery Questions."

And I did this because I found that when I asked salespeople about the Discovery Questions that they were or were not asking, and especially sketching, the response I kept getting was that they didn’t have enough of a connection to do that. And it occurred to me that they likely had enough of a connection to move forward, but they were expecting to have MORE of a connection in order to ask deeper questions or to sketch. Are you following?
So, let’s look at our connections…are you connecting enough for THIS CUSTOMER at the beginning of the engagement so that you can continue to ask questions and deepen the connection as a result?

Now, go and connect enough with your next opportunity~




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