Practice – the rewards

I need to bring the topic back around to selling.

Ah, the practice of selling. It is a practice. There are so many elements: the practice of setting goals, the practice of connecting with strangers, the practice of asking discovery questions, the practice of presenting solutions to customer priorities, the practice of handling objections, the practice of asking for a commitment, the practice of being silent and still, the practice of follow up and outreach, the practice of organizing your business for consistent achievement.


So, if we EVER thought that selling is a natural thing that some people are just good at, well, that’s just not true. Selling is a practice. There are elements that might be easier for us than other parts. And those parts may seem in conflict with each other (like connecting and closing) when they are just parts of a process. And the game and intention of the process (and the practice) is improvement …and results.

Find your passion in practice and in the process. And be patient with your progress.

Now, go practice your (least) favorite sales element!




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