Thank you notes

Call me old fashioned…no, don’t. Call me gracious and grateful…yes, do.
I have personalized thank you notes (gracias, that I love to send… and I LOVE to receive thank you notes. And by thank you notes, I mean a handwritten note and envelope. Yes, that kind of thank you note.

A young woman at a seminar recently told me that she doesn’t think thank you notes are genuine…and when I asked her to explain, she said she never received a handwritten one, but rather a thank you email with a review request. I can completely see how that doesn’t seem like genuine thankfulness to her!

Some tips: keep them simple to express gratitude and appreciation. Don’t include a business card (we will address asking for referrals in another blog) as it cheapens the sentiment. Include something personal, like “I hope your daughter wins her softball game on Saturday!”. And send the note within 24-48 hours of the PURCHASE, not after delivery…communication after delivery will also be addressed in another blog.

Get pretty stamps (there are stamps that say thank you!) and pretty cards on nice card stock. Worst case scenario, use to send a lovely email that has a beautiful envelope with the recipient’s name on it.

This is one of those sales/marketing actions that tend to fall away, mainly because the salesperson doesn’t directly benefit from a new sale. Change the expectation of the action – it is meant to complete the sale. There are other, more effective actions to drive a new one.

Now, go…express your gratitude to someone who did something wonderful for you.




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