New Habits

Now that you have picked an imperfection to work on (and if you haven’t, please do…tardiness is clearly one that can always be addressed if it’s an issue for you), how is it going?

What are the structures you put in place to help you? Did you put alerts on your phone to remind you to do something (practice a new action, get out the door!) or recurring actions in your calendar to start to build a new skill? 

Building habits takes intention, prompting, repetition, patience, adjustment…and celebration! 

Look around your world…what has the impact of your new habit had on your life? Are you less anxious? Has it affected your relationships with others? Do you feel proud of what you have already accomplished?

It takes something to do this…it really does. And I hope you can celebrate your wins – even the small ones – because they matter. You took on something of consequence and made a difference with it. Congratulations!

Now, go celebrate your new win!




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