Organizing Actions in Time

“Time Management” is a misnomer because you cannot manage time. You can, however, manage ACTIONS in time.
Begin with your targets – what you WANT to accomplish. And working back from them, identify the actions that need to happen to achieve them. Start small and plan the actions at the best time to execute them and to achieve the result.

Plan a week at a time and support the week with a daily to-do list...but expand your perspective beyond one day…don’t rely on a daily list to manage a week or a month’s worth of activity. Planning a week at a glance will give you a better view to schedule actions accordingly. Some of your actions will be blocks of time and others will be specific times, like appointments.

Block out ‘planning time’ into your week. Once a week at a regular time, look over your week and ask yourself if the actions that matter most are scheduled to achieve your targets. Mine is Sunday at 6:00 pm and has been for 20 years…with the question: ‘What am I committed to doing and to accomplishing this week?’ to inform my actions and when I take them.

It is possible to plan and organize actions and still be spontaneous and creative. In fact, it helps when you do!
The intention isn’t to fill your calendar but to plan the most important actions and leave time for what can’t be controlled. And the pressure ‘to do’ diminishes when you can trust your calendar to remind you of what you need to do and when.
Now, go get your calendar in order!




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