Managing Distractions and Interruptions

We can do a fine job of organizing and planning our own actions and involving others when we schedule appointments with them. And even with all that, our best-scheduled actions can be derailed by the actions of others.

Take a look at how your time unfolds. Are your actions taken as you plan them…or do they get pushed back to accommodate the requests of others? Does this happen frequently? Do others interrupt you because you allow or encourage it or because you have a skill that they often need to do their job? For now, let’s consider that both might be happening.

One response is to begin to set boundaries with others by letting your calendar be made public or letting others schedule time (on your calendar) to meet with you. Calendly is a good way for others to access you and your time.

Do you need to learn how to say no to others so that you can say yes to what you have scheduled for yourself?
It may be an opportunity for others to learn how to plan their time as you have learned to plan yours.

Or is additional training needed for those who request your time so that they can perform their role at a higher level? That can be planned and executed, too!

Now, go start practicing saying NO!




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