The 4 PR Words

Nope, it’s not about public relations. This is the first in a series of four words beginning with P R that are critical to ask and to know. 
P and R are the first two letters of FOUR words that impact the sales interaction and the outcome. These are questions we should be asking them and ourselves about what is in the mind of the customer/client and what is driving their decision-making. Let’s look….

  • What is behind this purchase and decision?
  • What is the ‘current reality’ that they are experiencing and what about it doesn’t work for them?
  • What is the ‘future reality’ that they are trying to achieve?
  • What are they struggling with that they may have difficulty describing or articulating…that we might (incorrectly) misinterpret to mean that they ‘don’t know what they want’?

Now, go ask some PR questions to find out what the problem is!



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