June is…the beginning of a new season.

It’s summer…and summer traffic is often unpredictable, and customers/clients can be distracted by vacation plans and being away from home.
You might have vacation plans scheduled, too…which means you need to make goal in LESS time.
What? Yes. 
And as we discussed in an earlier post, it’s about the strategy…what is the number you have to hit? How many sales do you have to make at what average sale? And what actions are needed to achieve those sales?
You do this by taking the actions that increase your close ratio: digging deeper with discovery questions, making more compelling presentations with what you learned in discovery, handling challenging objections effectively, asking for and getting the sale…or making an appointment to close if the customer is unable to close now. 

I promise you that your actions, especially those that make you uncomfortable and you were resisting in the past, will be incredible learning opportunities – whether you get the sale or don’t. 

Now, go take some tough actions!



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