PerformNow and One by One

If you are a regular reader, you know that I have a commitment to sales managers and how they effectively execute their job and elevate their team performance. My “Sell it or Schedule it” has a sales manager training component and I easily spend as much time training and coaching sales managers as I spend training and coaching salespeople.

It’s with that commitment that I have joined forces with David and Wayne McMahon and their PerformNow Sales Manager Performance Groups. There are currently two performance groups who meet twice a year and discuss best practices with other sales managers, and build and refine strategies to produce greater results with their sales teams. I have taken on one of those groups (The Rainmakers) as their facilitator.
I am delighted to be partnering with PerformNow and I encourage you to consider joining the group – if being engaged with other sales managers who share your struggles and successes appeals to you! Check out their website below and join us!



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