Tuition or Commission?

Tuition or Commission?

It’s that simple…

Either you write it up now and get commission…or you make an appointment to sell it later.

Those are commission producing actions and results.

OR you DON’T get the sale or the appointment…and you LEARN something from it.

You learn something about yourself. You learn what you could have done or done differently.

For that outcome you need to want to get something from this interaction with a prospect since you didn’t get the sale. And it is completely up to you to get it.

All it takes is an open mind and a level of inquisitiveness and objectivity to be able to get the lesson.

The pitfalls to learning from an unsuccessful interaction are thinking that the lack of results are about the circumstances. Or the prospect. Or the company. Or the economy. Or your competition. Or your pricing. Or anything other than what YOU did with the interaction…because YOU are either the obstacle or the vehicle to the sale.

Will you get every sale? No. Will you get every appointment if you don’t get the sale? No.

However, the intention brought to each and every interaction, coupled with the skill to execute increases the likelihood of the sale or the appointment.

And therein lies the gift – is the intention there? If not, put it in. Are the skills there? If not, develop them.

Now, go sell or schedule or learn something!




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