Sell it or Schedule it…or “You Do You.”

If you manage a sales team, your role is to have each of them make their goals and improve their performance… and if they do, then you make YOUR goal, which is the SHOWROOM goal.

(Yes, the showroom goal is YOUR goal.)

And to do that, you need structures and actions and a methodology to teach from, or you will be managing your team from your own behavioral preferences and your own selling autobiography.

That doesn’t mean that what you did when you were a salesperson was wrong or deficient, especially if you were a top producer. What it does mean is that you will begin a lot of your sentences with “When I was on the floor…” and your salespeople’s eyes will roll after the second time you say that.

Instead, put Sell it or Schedule it in place. Having a proven sales process allows you to be objective with the structure and content of what you train and coach and of what they do. It gets everyone on the same page and following your direction versus your opinion.

Now, go take another look at Sell it or Schedule it.




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