Sell it or Schedule it: Know it and Demonstrate it.

We all nod in agreement when someone says, “You need to lead by example.”And yet, when put to the test to demonstrate the process that the salespeople are expected to execute, many sales managers would fail. So I ask you, how would you do with that?

Are you able to demonstrate 'Sell it or Schedule it' by taking a sales opportunity in the showroom and executing the process from start to finish…including getting a sale or getting an appointment?

Being able to demonstrate selling actions that produce results is fundamental to building credibility with the sales team…showing that you know the process and that you can help them with their process if they need assistance.

You don’t have to be THE top performer on a sales team to be a good sales manager…but you do need to deeply understand the process and the elements of it. And the only way that happens is by doing it.

Now, go learn the process!




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