DISC – Dominant Style

If we have worked together in the past, then you know that I consider the behavioral preference model DISC as a core competence for sales professionals in every sales role: seller, sales support, manager, leader. 

This month we are going to focus on the four DISC styles in their most classic embodiment: To identify them by audio visual clues and to adapt to them so that you can create the experience THEY want… and to practice EMOTIONAL OBJECTIVITY and BEHAVIORAL FLEXIBILITY in the process. 

Dominants are fast paced – they walk fast, talk fast, make decisions quickly and decisively. They focus on getting results and getting them now. They don’t waste time or energy and don’t want their time wasted, either… are usually on time if not early for meetings. They don’t say much and will use the fewest words possible. They make eye contact, might not smile, may have imposing and purposeful posture and movements. They can be fearless and will do and say things that others are frightened to do. Under pressure they can be impatient and abrupt and demanding. What creates pressure for them: lack of focus, inefficiency, wastefulness by others.

ADAPT BY: being efficient, focusing on actions, completing the task, and being concise in your communication.

Now, go get it done with a Dominant!



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