Coming From Behind

Are you falling short of your goal this period? Do you have ground to make up before the period ends?

Coming from behind is a skill and a process. And it’s a skill and a process that you will use more than once, as falling short of goal is not unusual even when the intention is to make goal consistently and to stay on track. 

The process needs to be high impact…meaning it needs to produce results quickly. To do that, look to the business that is closest and easiest to close: appointments that are scheduled to close. Ensure that you will close them by confirming the time and the intended outcome and addressing any expected objections to closing at the time of meeting. 

Next, call all unsold quotes that have not been scheduled, with the intention of closing on the phone or scheduling an appointment to meet and to close. Be prepared for the call and the outcome by reviewing the reasons for not closing when you were together and ask if that objection has been satisfied – and if there are other objections that have arisen since last time you spoke. Recap what you agreed were priorities and how the solution you created together addresses those priorities… and be specific. Ask for the sale. If new objections come up, overcome them - and ask for the sale again.

Then, call after delivery / installation and discuss additions and adjustments that will have the space work and look better. Review your notes to prepare for this. 

Lastly, consider the opportunities that are apt to come into the showroom. INTEND to sell or schedule EACH and EVERY one of them. Then, take the specific actions (especially those that have been missing) that you KNOW will create the desired outcome…and watch your resistance to doing this... then do it anyway.
These are the easiest ones to close. 

Now, go set your strategy for coming from behind. 



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