Bear Down

The strategy for coming from behind has MORE actions than the strategy for making goal when you are on track to do so. 
That means elevating expectations and perspective of what it will take…to aim higher and be prepared to do what you need to do to achieve the goal.

That also means MORE outreach calls. Making more appointments. Closing more appointments and more sales…and doing more with the time you have or maybe extending the time needed to each segment of the period. 

Notice your reaction to the idea of doing MORE…notice if you are resistant to doing that or if it makes you anxious. It’s just a reaction but it might indicate something…stay with the reaction and explore it to find out. 

Bearing down will give you a new experience of yourself as you will know yourself as someone who can do what is tough to do when it counts…someone who can pull it out at the end. 

Now, get focused and stay on it!



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