Don’t Let Up Until You Finish

You are almost there. It’s almost over. 

Stay with the process and keep at it until you have crossed the finish line…and resist the temptation to lighten up as the end nears.

This is when others will give up…they will say ‘it’s close enough’…or that making goal is overrated…or some other disempowering belief that makes giving up seem reasonable. You might have done that in the past, too. But this is a new reality, and you are building a new set of skills that will serve you to consistently achieve your goals and know yourself as someone who can do that. 

What do you need to put in place to support your new actions and new perspective? Do you need a performance buddy? A daily reminder of actions or inspiration? Do you need to celebrate what you have already achieved as motivation to keep going forward? Maybe a combination? 

Don’t. Stop.

Keep. Going. 

And set your strategy for the next period to stay on track throughout the month so that you don’t have to do this again! But you know that you can if you need to. 

Now, go finish strong!




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