Less of...

Yes, it is possible to do LESS of something!

It seems counter-intuitive to look at what we might do less of following a blog that focused on

Maybe we could have talked less or talked less about things that were unimportant to the buyer
and only important to us. Or have spent less time on an interaction that was ineffective
(combine that with talking too much – ouch). Or we might have spent less time on non-sales
actions that kept sales actions from happening.

Or brought less resistance to the actions that we know to do but are avoiding and distracting
ourselves from because we don’t want to be that organized, focused, intentional, direct, flexible,
compassionate, etc. …all actions or ways of being that increase effectiveness.

What needs to be dialed back that will improve overall performance?

Be honest and kind with yourself.

Now, go take a look!



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