Goals Again

Yes. Goals again!

In most showrooms, December is rather quiet, with customers, clients and designers preparing for and celebrating the holidays. Prior to setting goals for the new year, December is a good month for evaluation and analysis if you didn’t do so in November. If not, see my November blogs for assistance.

Are you noticing any resistance to writing goals for next year? Do you have any sense that you don’t really need to do write goals? Perhaps you feel that you have figured out a process that works. Maybe you like WHAT you are doing and HOW you are doing it, so you wonder WHY you have to write it all down again?

When resistance appears, just notice it without judgment. Resistance is a gremlin yelling, “I don’t wanna!” in order to be acknowledged and satisfied. It’s just resistance. Notice it, accept it, and keep going.  
In the next three blogs, we will work on Goals, Strategies, Action Plans (respectively), so come back!

Now, go get your head in the game to start creating your new year.



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