HOW do I reach my goals?

Now that your goals are written, we move to creating a strategy for achievement.

This is kind of fun because you can focus on HOW you will achieve this. During your evaluation and assessment of the year, you might have noticed that you like doing some strategies more than others, or you were better at some than others, or some strategies were more effective than others.  You may have found that the market or buying habits of your customers/clients has changed and you need to adjust your approach. Maybe your life has changed, and you want or need to do things differently than you have in the past.

Strategies can be based on performance metrics-using your current level and what you intend to increase it to next year. For example: 35% close ratio currently, 48% next year.

Strategies can be based on an underutilized approach. For example: 10% of total sales revenue derived from retail design projects currently, 25% next year.

If you know traffic has continued to decline in your store and you’re not doing any actual outreach, you can use the strategy of cultivating your current database for X% increase in business in that vertical.

Or increase the percentage of unsold opportunities that are converted to appointments.

The beauty of HOW you achieve your goals is that YOU get to say! Make sure your strategy is big and impactful enough for the goal you have and that you will stick with it. As always, reach out if you get stuck.

Now, go pick some methods that you enjoy and want to improve!



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