Ending the First Month in the New Year

Whew! Month one in and done.

Are you off to a good start?  Did you start and stop and start again? Did you hit your target for the January yet?

This is a good beginning, whatever the outcome. You are a starting a new process and you are completing your first milestone. Take a look at your actions and results and find something to celebrate – even it’s just sticking to the program!

You are likely in this for the long run and not just a quick accomplishment, so slow and steady wins the race. If you notice small achievements that you have downplayed as insignificant, please take another look. A 1% increase in close ratio every month is a 12% increase over the course of a year – which will keep producing dividends. That’s significant.

The beauty of small changes is that they stick and before you know it, they become habits. Just like that.
Celebrate your small wins because they turn into big ones. And they become foundational to the next ones and the next ones….and….and….

Build celebrations into your process…and enjoy them with your buddy!

Now, go and celebrate and get ready to take on the new month!



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