Words beginning with PR: PRocess

Of the three key points, this one is critical to know in order to direct the interaction to an outcome today – and the only outcomes that count are a sale or an appointment. So it’s important to know where your clients are in the buying PRocess?

Every buyer is somewhere in their buying decision. Where they are and what they have done and what remains to be done will impact what they CAN do today.

Surprisingly, this is the area least explored by most salespeople and yet it is critical to the outcome that can be achieved today. I assert that not knowing the importance of where the buyer is in their buying PRocess is what keeps home furnishings industry close ratio around 30-35%.

So, how do you find out when they can buy or if they need to make an appointment to forward this engagement? My B-A-D-A-S Questions…because the answers to those questions tell you where they are and what you can do now if a sale cannot be closed today. Those five questions have to do with the three greatest objections: time, money, and other people.

If you need help with this, reach out.

Now, go be brave and ask some questions to learn where your buyer is in their buying PRocess.



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