Words beginning with PR: PRoject and PRoduct

If you have been following this series, you've come to the summary of addition: What PRoblem needs to be solved?  What are the PRiorities needed to be addressed?  For this post, we will combine two: PRoject and PRoduct.

We are combining them because if you are asking the questions needed to understand what matters most and what isn’t working for the customer, you will likely talk about more than a single item – even if they came in looking for Only. One. Thing.

By asking PRoject questions, you will have a larger perspective of the issues involved and have more solutions to present – not more options to the same PRoblem, but more PRoblems that can be solved by knowing more about the space and how it’s used.

Ask “Tell me about the space as it is now…” So that they can be present to what isn’t working…and you are not redesigning the space without a commitment to buy from you. SKETCH the space so that you can both see it and discuss it…and you can ask other room/PRoject questions.

Presenting a PRoduct solution that captures the essence of what matters most to the customer standing in front of you requires focus, attention, patience, and persistence. And the satisfaction you create for the customer is returned tenfold to you.

Now, ask PRoject questions so that you can propose a PRoduct solution for them to say YES to!



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