Selling also is…Frustrating

Selling is frustrating when all signs point to the sale happening, only to have life throw a curve (spouse got relocated and they are moving, found mold in the basement that will cost $25,000 to fix) and a sale that was expected this month evaporates. Or a great sale gets cancelled because the delivery staff made some errors that couldn’t be rectified quickly. Or a customer thinks that they color they saw on the sample in the showroom was different from the color of the sofa that was delivered, and they sent it back…even though the color is exactly the same. Or a customer that you worked with closely on a whole project buys it elsewhere for a 10% difference in price.

It's frustrating.

It helps to take these frustrations in stride because they will always happen, with the best of intentions and actions. They can be reduced but they can’t all be controlled. They come with the territory. Build resilience into your strategy…you’ll need it!

Now, go take a deep breath and start again.




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