Why Do Buyers Object?

Buyers object and raise concerns because they have them.

Buyers tend to object because they are uncertain…of what the salesperson is saying, of what the product or service promises, of how to judge either of those to get to the other side of their uncertainty, of conflicting information (what they read online is different from what the salesperson is saying).

Buyers tend to object because they are fearful…of making a mistake that can’t be easily rectified, of spending more money to solve their problem than they need to spend, of making a bad choice based on inaccurate or out of date information, of what someone else will say about their choice.

The further along in the buying process that they buyer is, the more they know – and their information aligns among sources and gives them confidence to proceed to the sale.

Bringing compassion, understanding, and acceptance to the prospect’s buying process will give the salesperson solid ground to direct them through to a decision.

Now, go…dig deeper and ask deeper.



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