How CAN Salespeople Respond to Objections?

Salespeople can respond to objections for what they are – objections. Objections indicate that there is some concern about the product, service or process that has not previously been discussed and settled.

The most successful salespeople have a strategy for handling objections, along with an understanding of the most common objections.

Having a strategy prevents responding in a knee jerk way, under pressure from the objection and the reaction to that pressure. There is confidence in being prepared and having practiced the strategy, especially the questions that organize the conversation.

In the face of an objection being raised by a customer:

  1. Acknowledge the objection “I hear that X is a concern for you….”
  2. Ask for specifics “…can you tell me more about that?”
  3. Offer to help “If I could give you a couple of options to consider, would you be willing to explore them with me?”
  4. Offer options “We could do A or B…which would you like to explore first?”
  5. Solve the concern “So this is the best option for you, yes?”
  6. Ask for the sale Write it up now.

This strategy takes practice. A good place to start is with the most common objections and finding two options to overcome each of those objections. THEN to practice those by using the strategy.

Objections are what stop most sales from happening. Practice so that you become masterful at avoiding them, being prepared for them when they happen, and being skilled to manage the conversation to resolve them.

Now, go practice, practice, practice!



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