Stop talking…when you finish answering their question


Welcome to our July series, "Stop Talking." This month, we’re focusing on the power of silence and strategic communication. Each week, we’ll dive deeper into how less talk and more listening can significantly impact your sales success. From answering customer questions to presenting solutions and handling objections, we’ll explore practical techniques to enhance your effectiveness as a sales leader.

Stop Talking… When You Finish Answering Their Question

Imagine a customer asks why the sofa you're showing them is twice the price of another sofa. How would you answer? Would you provide a detailed explanation or ask what specific information they need?

Instead of overwhelming them with details to justify the price, start by identifying their priorities. For example: “Since durability is important to you, I'd like to tell you about the frame construction and spring mechanism in this sofa compared to the other one. Would that be helpful?”

Be specific and relevant to what matters to them. Other than that, shhhhhh…

Now, go find out what matters to them. 

Stay tuned for more insights and practical tips in our "Stop Talkingseries this month.


Jody Seivert



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